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Writer : NLMC Date : 2023-09-05 View : 28


David & Julie in Australasia

Island to Island: Reaching the Pacific Islands Together

When we held our I2I Forum in March, MTW videographer Tom Mills joined us to capture what I2I is all about with the hopes that more would be exposed and more people would join in prayer for what God is doing in the Pacific and also to inspire more to join us in serving here.

Watch the video below and pray that it will help bring to light the need for more gospel workers to obey the call to missions in Australasia.

God is bringing His people together in partnership across the Pacific Islands to equip pastors, deepen theology, and strengthen the Church.

Ministry Updates

Island to Island Partnership

  • We continue to draft our I2I Charter Documents to help guide I2I going forward. As the guiding document for a multinational, multicultural ministry work, we're prayerfully being cautious and trying to be wise. Even while we draft things, ministry work continues to happen, but solidifying what I2I is and how it operates will be important for the longevity, fruitfulness, and protection of this work.
  • Pray for patience for those waiting for finalization and much wisdom for those working on the document.

Student Outreach to the World

  • Pray as I continue to meet with SOW's intern, Eunchan. Pray that he continues to grow into a godly future minister and that he's able to use his time serving SOW well to bring the gospel to the university students of Sydney.
  • Pray for the 2 SOW short-term missions teams going to our MTW colleagues in Cambodia and Taiwan. Pray for these teams to serve well and for some to find their calling as full-time missionaries.

Harbour City Church

  • Two of the top requests from church members for Bible study topics were 1) regarding relationships/dating/singleness/etc. (which is often called BGR for Boy Girl Relations here) and 2) conflict resolution. We held a conference on Singleness and Relationships called Singularity earlier this month and just completed a 2-part series on Peace Pursuit last night.
  • Pray that these times of teaching and delving deeper into the Word would help our church members grow in their faith and maturity.

City Sanctum

  • After a long hiatus due to COVID lockdowns and then ongoing work from home conditions in Sydney, City Sanctum (our worker outreach ministry) is finally relaunching in September. Please pray for missionary Brent Kooi as he leads this ministry in its new iteration that meets in the suburbs now rather than the city to strategically reach "city" workers who no longer go to downtown Sydney like they used to.
  • Pray that despite the long hiatus, the ministry is able to pick up its former momentum and equip Christians for the workplace and also reach non-Christian colleagues with the gospel. 


  • Thank you again to all who have given as we've been asking! We've reduced the amount of support we receive by $2000/month in order to accommodate the missing support. 
  • We hope to find new supporters and new churches to have more ongoing monthly support to meet our financial goals. If you have any connections to possible supporters, please let us know.
Peace Pursuit (Part 2)
I may have felt like the blind leading the blind (which is often the case) but I had the chance to teach the 2nd class on Biblical peacemaking at HCC just last night. We've been teaching conflict resolution from a ministry called Peace Pursuit. 

For an amateurish summary of some of its content, you can watch the recording from last night here: Topical Bible Study (TBS) - Peace Pursuit (Part 2)
SOW Missions Training
This time Brent and I led a training on Engaging with a Different Worldview. Afterwards, I also spent a couple hours with the SOW team that's going to Cambodia to help train and prep them for ministry there.
I2I Zoom Meeting
A sneak peak into the drafting process for I2I's formalization. (Still in draft/discussion form so the details here may not be accurate going forward)
Singularity - Singles Conference
You're probably getting pretty familiar with our church venue now. It's been a blessing having this warehouse available as we try to maximize its usage and steward it well. 
Prayer Requests
Please let me know if we can be praying for you! Just reply to this email. We'd love to hear from you. Julie and I have been keeping a list of prayer requests and trying to pray for one or two of them each night.
Financial Partnership
We would love for you to join us in advancing the Kingdom in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. If you have pledged your giving, please check to make sure you begin donating. Thank you!

If you'd like to partner financially, you can give online here: https://mtw.org/missionaries/details/choi-david

If you prefer to mail a check, please write "Choi - 11470" in the note and mail it to:

Mission to the World
P.O. Box 744165
Atlanta, GA 30374-4165